The 5-15-80 Formula of Earn Money Online from Home

Here is a video by Tom Ferry explaining the 5-15-80 Wealth Distribution Formula.

Probably, you could be also looking for how can I earn money online from home . Is there any formulation that you can use it to ? One of my training participants throw this question during a session mid July 2018. She replied her current job as an executive with a leading internet provider, cann’t assist her to move her family to at least middle class.  

She made her mind the need to be work from home since :

  1. Her current job doesn’t carry big salary
  2. The company doesn’t pay big salary neither since current system as such.

Further investigation found that she:

  1. been member of both established and new MLM companies
  2. Invested her hard earn money on FOREX trading that promised monthly up to 30% return.

Now, let’s focus on objective of this article:

  1. What is the 5-15-80 Formula of Earn Money Online
  2. Work part-time from Home

Next I ask here to do some basic analysis identify her passion and interest. We noted her passion – she love adventurous travelling to places like Vietnam’s oldest national park, Cuc Phuong, home to a staggering 43 biodiversity hotspots and over 300 types of rare tropical birds. Even kayak or raft through Himalayan wonderland once made her vacation.

Begin with the End in Mind

As Stephen R Covey in his book  7 Habits of Highly Effective People , said we need to begin with the End in Mind, i.e your ultimate goal of earning 1,000,000 in this case as retirement fund.

As I described on my previous post How Can I Make Money The First $100000? The Formula Earn Money Online from Home and be millionaire look as :

            Assume average sales : $ 4,000.00

            20% Net profit after all the cost = $ 800.00

Thus, in order to make a million or become millionaire we need 1,250 successful sales ( 1250 x $ 800 = $ 1,000,000.00) .

Your profit may increase or reduce depending on how you manage your costing mainly purchases.

Wait, wait I know all this calculation by how can I get so many customer? I’m pretty surely you know my answer – Digital Marketing? Your service of offering adventurous vacation ideas and travel inspiration digitally at the comfort of home surely will attract people from the niche segment.

But sir, do I need to register my business? How much capital I need? What kind of support I can get from government agencies?

When you dare to invest some $30,000 just of online Forex trusting your friend that the company based in Europe will not let your down, why don’t you trust yourself? If you want to earn a million by Earn Money Online from Home , cann’t you work our $1,000 to$ 1,500 a month as your marketing budget.

Earn Money Online from Home with 5-15-80 Formula

5 – is the Online Tools You need to Master

15 – is the Quantum of Work Percentage

80 – is the output results   

What are the 5 tools that I need to master to Earn Money Online from Home? Good question, just appoint myself as your mentor pay me 1/3 or your monthly budget and the rest I guide you.  

Hope, now do you have the confident of Earning Money Online from Home.

Earn Money Online from Home with 5-15-80 Formula


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